The Adventures of Jaster Wot

The online digital space adventure story has begun and you can be part of it!

The Adventures of Jaster Wot follows Jaster as he travels the Triangulum Galaxy, tracking down the lost Aurora Ice Stones before they fall into the hands of evil.

Jaster, along with his star droid 10-Lec-Six, visit mysterious planets, encounter dangerous criminals and have some unbelievable space battles.  

Before long almost anyone who can brandish a weapon are out looking for these lost stones. 

The hunt is on!

Part 1 will be available for free on Apple Books and as a pdf from this site.

Part 1 collector cards are now available from this site. Get them before they sell out and follow along as you read the story.

Want to be a character in Part 2 or 3 and possibly have your own unique character collector card? Get in contact now!

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Illustrations and Design

A big part of what makes the Adventures of Jaster Wot stories so amazing are the unique and colourful characters that reside across the galaxy. 

These characters are all beautifully drawn as illustrations that go along with the story itself and can be collected as part of a collector card set. 

The Adventures of Jaster Wot Part 1 collector card packs are now available,

Think you want to take part in the stories and be a character in the Adventures of Jaster Wot, then get in contact now!

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Unique Jaster Wot Collector Cards

Available Now.

To go along with part 1 of The Adventures of Jaster Wot come the complete set of 35 Jaster Wot Collector cards.

Broken up into character cards, location cards, scene cards and ship specs.  Follow the cards as you read the thrilling story of Jaster Wot.

Each card is beautifully drawn and designed. The cards are printed and come in a nifty printed box to hold the complete set.

The cards are available from this site but they are going quick!