The Adventures of Jaster Wot

The online digital space adventure story has begun.

The Adventures of Jaster Wot follows Jaster as he travels the Zeta Reticuli galaxy, tracking down the lost Aurora Ice Stones before they fall into the hands of evil.

The stories will be released for free and will even allow fans to be characters within the story and have their own character illustrations drawn up as a unique NFT character card that will be available to purchase as NFTs on OpenSea. Get in touch now if you want to be involved.

Jaster's adventures will be broken up into three stories, part 1 due out very soon...

The stories will be free for download on iBooks, Kindle and PDF download from this site.



Illustrations and Design

A big part of what makes the Adventures of Jaster Wot stories so amazing are the unique and colourful characters that reside across the galaxy. 

These characters are all beautifully drawn as illustrations that go along with the story itself and can be collected as part of a trading card set in the NFT space.

Think you want to take part in the stories and be a character in the Adventures of Jaster Wot, then get in contact now!

Part one of the story is now in development, but don't worry there will be plenty of space for new characters in parts two and three and who knows whats in store for Jaster after that...

Cards for website copy copy.png

Unique NFT Digital Collector Cards

Can you collect the entire set?

To go along with the Jaster Wot story series, are the unique The Adventures of Jaster Wot NFT collector cards. 

Broken up into character cards, location cards, scene cards and ship specs. Each card is unique to the story itself.

Available now to purchase on the Blockchain at OpenSea.

Can you collect the entire set? Also a special physical prize awaits for the lucky people who find the ultra rare gold and vintage cards that make up the set. The extremely rare and awesome prize will be sent directly to you in the mail.

Link below for more details on these NFT's.