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The Adventures of Jaster Wot - Part 1

Available now as a free download.

The Adventures of Jaster Wot is a three part epic space series that follows the famed bounty hunter Jaster Wot as he takes on the job of a lifetime. Follow Jaster as he visits mysterious planets, encounters different species and fights off ruthless pirates and villains.

Each story is released with its own unique set of Jaster Wot collector cards which display amazing illustrations that cover characters, locations, scenes and ships. 


Other places you can purchase Rossco's books.

Illustrated paperback; Escape from Tanaka Island now available - See links below.

Escape from Tanaka Island at Booklocker (illustrated paperback).

Booklocker is the BEST place to purchase a paperbook copy of Escape from Tanaka Island. Perfect for Australian and International buyers as they'll ship the book from either Australia, the US, or the UK  - based on your nearest location.

Escape from Tanaka Island at Amazon.com (Australian buyers)

If you prefer to use Amazon, then you can use the above link to purchase Escape from Tanaka Island as an illustrated paperback or a kindle download.

Escape from Tanaka Island at Amazon.com (international buyers)

If you prefer to use Amazon, then you can use the above link to purchase Escape from Tanaka Island as an illustrated paperback or a Kindle download.
(Australian buyers, please use the other Amazon link).

Escape from Tanaka Island (ebook) at Kobo

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Escape from Tanaka Island (ebook) at Apple Books

Don't want another physical book weighing you down? Want to put the environment first? Purchase your copy of Escape from Tanaka Island as a digital download to your Apple Books app.
And guess what, all choices are selectable so you don't have to worry about scrolling through pages to go to the choice you made.

The Boots (ebook) at Apple Books

Search 'The Boots Rossco' in your Apple Books app.

Feel like saving the planet. Then download The Boots to your Apple Books app and read away.
Good on you for puting the environment first!

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Planet Rossco Merchandise

Want some sweet Planet Rossco swag? Then check out his shop at Redbubble.




Rossco’s love of storytelling began during his younger years where he would spend every night in his bedroom making Claymation films with an old Video Camcorder and lumps of plasticine. Rossco decided it was time to attempt writing his own stories. Now Rossco spends his spare time typing out the movies that are playing on loop in his imagination.

Rossco's debut novel, The Boots, was met with rave reviews as it managed to combine the worlds of pop culture with football.

Rossco is now focusing on his One Beginning, Multiple Endings adventure series which focuses on three of his passions; Surfing, Snowboarding and Skating.

The One Beginning, Multiple Endings adventure series allows Rossco to combine his love of story telling with his passion for illustration.


Showdown at Shred Mountain

January 20, 2021

The next book in the One Beginning, Multiple Endings adventure series is currently in development. The story follows you, an upcoming snowboarder who is all set to compete in the Showdown at Shred Mountain. But when you discover the mountain is under attack you may just have to hop off your board to save the mountain! 

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"I read about it in a book about it"

Owen (The way way back)


Interviews and Reviews

Below is a list of interviews with Rossco and reviews in his publications.

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Interview with Focus Magazine.


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Reviews on Rossco's debut novel, The Boots



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10 Writers to Follow

Looking for writing inspiration?


Reviews from Booktopia on The Boots.


5 star review on The Boots.



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